How to stay on track as you try to pass the CPA Exam.

Stop googling.

The only thing all the thousands of posts on Google will tell you is that the test is difficult, thus it requires a lot of studying.

You’ve been informed, so get off Google and get to studying.

Actually study.

This is the hard part. Making the time to study and understand the necessary information will require some commitment and sacrifice.

But it’s not rocket science – like every other test you’ve taken thus far, you just have to study for it.


I consider this to be the most important part of the whole process.

Momentum or the lack thereof is what helps you complete all four sections in six months, the whole 18 months if you’re like me or never.

So, put aside as much time as possible in a day or a week. Binge study, knock one section out, rinse and repeat.

However, when you start studying once this week and non at all the next, it’s fair to say, you’re closer to the “never” category.

Read more about momentum here.

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