Breaking down 2018 CPA Exam passing rates.

Four weeks after the last batch of candidates hit submit on their last Testlet and walked out of the Prometric center with the usual relief of making it to the end, the AICPA released the pass rates for 2018.

Talking Points.

FAR retained its crown as the most challenging section. I don’t expect it to be relinquishing that title anytime soon.

BEC continues to be the best section for candidates. See why I think you should be taking BEC first here.

AUD and REG also continue to be their regular/annoying selves. Why did I fail AUD twice then I wonder? 🤔

The summer months had the highest pass rate, further backing up my theory that warmer months are most favorable for candidates.

According to the AICPA, the tests aren’t any less difficult during this time of the year.  Thus, I put it down to daylight savings, the potential break from school and the overall chill vibe of the summer.

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