How to Ace a Big 4 Interview.

Fall recruiting is well on the way around the country.

Here are my three unusual tips on how to knock your interview out of the park:

Know the answer to every possible generic interview question.

“Tell me about a time when you exercised good judgment.” “How do you resolve conflict?”

Find a list of these questions on the internet and briefly practice answering them. You can and will get stumped on one of these questions if you’ve never articulated it prior.

Control the interview.  

Get the interviewer to talk a little bit more than usual by bringing up things to which they can relate. How can you do this?

All the firms will usually provide you with a schedule of your interview day, including the names of your interviewers. Check out their public social media pages ie LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

Note: If you can find it, I assume they don’t mind it being found.

Find things you can perhaps insert into the conversation and watch as their eyes light up. You can take an interview in any direction you want as long as the interviewer’s interests are carried along for the ride.


Show the right level of enthusiasm during the interview.

If you meet with someone who doesn’t like their job (of which there are more than a few), your over-enthusiasm can backfire because they can subconsciously resent you.

While it’s not your fault, it may still hurt you.

So keep it to an okay level.

Be enthusiastic about the opportunity. Convey an understanding and appreciation for the accounting profession.

But no one want’s someone who dreams of debits and credits when they go to sleep. Yikes. 😬

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