How to navigate Career Fairs like a boss.

If you know my story, you’ll have realized by now that I’m an unconventional person.

Thus, my methods are typically a tad unusual.

Career fairs are one of those unfortunate things most people have to go through. Why “unfortunate”? There’s a sheer imbalance to it because you have utterly desperate students on one side and chill recruiters on the other. Plus it’s just too nerve-wracking and fundamentally unnatural, but it’s where we’re at as a society, so whatever.

Here’s how I and some people I know navigated it during my time:


Dummy companies.

These companies are there for you to practice your speech, get in the groove and build your confidence.

Going from my car straight to my target firm never worked for me, I always messed up due to nerves and lack of confidence.

But when I spent time talking to firms I wasn’t interested in, knowing the stakes were low, I was able to slowly come into myself.

Then I proceeded to go talk to my firms I really wanted.



We all have that person(s) who make us feel very badass.

Take them with you – they’ll be your sidekick.

Your sidekick will make your calm, hype your up and build up your confidence. One time I went with a friend who was a Biology major and completely uninterested in Accounting firms. She dressed up and everything. It was a fun game for her too. Haha

I sincerely hope you don’t need any of the above strategies.

Happy Recruiting!

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