4 Steps to Break into Big Four firms.

The steps below are not an absolute, but if you want to do it the easier way, here’s how:

Get and keep your grades up.

Your grades matter.


Because most other people vying for the same positions have excellent grades too. Are you going to bring knives to a gun fight?

You have to be competitive, so do well in school and trust me, your life would be so much easier.

Start early.

Look at it this way, the earlier you start the process the less stringent or difficult it will be.

Do you want to know the requirement for a sophomore looking for an internship?

Good grades and a good attitude.

That’s it.

Pass that test and you’re as good as anyone else. But the closer you get to graduation, the more other things start to come into play; classes become more challenging which might dip your grade etc

Use the novice stages to your advantage and get involved with the firm early. Read more about it here.

Join up and Show up.

Join all applicable student organizations and try to get a leadership position – I noticed on LinkedIn that a lot of the students who occupy leadership roles within their organizations have internships with the firm. It’s must be impressive to recruiters. It’s an actual thing.

Can’t swing it? At the very least, be an active member.

Actually apply.

When the opening pops up, apply. Take your time in crafting your resume and cover letter where applicable.

I hate cover letters, but you might have to write one. Make it as brief as possible – no one wants to read an essay about how much you’ve been in love with accounting since you were twelve, we get it. Lol

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