How to Become An Excellent Candidate for Employers.

Have you heard that despite the booming job market, thousands of college graduates still struggle to find jobs after college?

Alarming right?

Once I got into college, my goal was to do well enough in school in order to position myself to be as desirable a candidate as possible for employers. I also wanted the luxury of deciding between multiple job offers, thus not settling for a potentially unappealing role or company just because I have no other choice.

Here are some of my tips how you to stand out to employers:

Get an internship.

I’m about to start my Senior Year, and I’ve interned three times.

You could say that I’ve explored the various companies and roles to determine interest and fit. I experienced the company cultures, connected with the full-time employees, and grew immensely in the process.

I would suggest you intern as many times as possible while you’re in college. Some people struggle more than others to obtain positions, so it’s certainly not easy.

And while at first I got rejected too – I kept on applying until I finally got an opportunity. Interning will set you apart from the rest. Any relevant work experience is valuable to employers!

Get involved in school.

The ultimate sign of responsibility comes when you’re able to effectively manage things that affect other people.

That isĀ  what leadership positions in college provide. If you are like me and love the challenge of executing on ideas, a board position might be for you.

Are you better than most in a particular subject? Then consider tutoring. Tutoring will help you develop effective communication, interpersonal skills, and also teach you how to stay organized.

The above skills are super essential no matter what you end up doing.

Read and Network.

Leaders are readers!

Even the wealthiest people in the world constantly read because reading challenges your perspective and introduces you to new ideas.

Always seek to learn more and be better.

Lastly, build genuine relationships with those around you, and do not be afraid to reach out to more experienced folks for help or advice.

“It’s not what you know, but who you know”. I like to think, “It’s not what you know, but who knows you.” If you don’t do things to stand out, you won’t be remembered.

To be seen, you have to show yourself. – Darryl Ucheya