The Big Four Accounting Firms Need Interns.

A Big Four Internship is the holy grail of student employment for accounting and other related majors.

It’s everything.

For starters, as a Big 4 Intern, you’ll potentially make more money in 3 months (including overtime) than you would all year as a Student Assistant on campus.

Plus, if you do well, which majority do, you’ll get a full-time offer eventually.

Internships are the firm’s preferred pipeline for Campus full-time hires.

They hire a lot of interns.


EY alone is will hire 8800 college students in 2018, of which 3920 will be interns.

But there are a lot of intern candidates too, thus you’re in for steep competition.

So, depending on your level here’s what you need to do:


If you’re a freshman and you’re reading this, you’re way ahead of the curve. While you might not get an Internship during your first year, there are plenty of other things you can do to smooth the path ahead.

  • Get the best grades possible. College classes generally get harder the further you go. Ace those first classes.
  • Get an internship anywhere else if you can – a small accounting firm or in a regular ‘ole company, doing accounting or anything else for that matter. Start building professional experience – fill up your resume. Empty resumes are hard to look at.
  • Start attending networking events in college to meet recruiters and professionals from the firms. These are the same people who will evaluate you in a year or two when it’s time to apply for an internship. Except by then, your name will stand out because they’ve interacted with you multiple times prior.
  • Get active on LinkedIn. This platform has somehow evolved to become such a powerful social-networking tool. You’d be remiss not to engage people on there.

Deloitte has Alternative Spring Break and NextGen Leaders Programs for Freshman – check it out here.



All the Freshman advice applies to you as well.

However now, you qualify for leadership conferences and special internship positions designed specifically for 2nd Year students.

Read about them on their websites: KPMG, EY, PwC & Deloitte.


All the previous advice applies.

Check out some of KPMG’s opportunities.


As a Senior, you’re really anxious if you’ve secured nothing so far.

Trust me, I understand.

My first internship, which was with a Pharmaceutical Company, wasn’t until one month from graduation.


But keep looking. Senior year is the best time to secure an internship.

Graduate Student

If at this point, you haven’t interned with a Big Four firm, it’s not too late. I know scores of people who got in for the first time as a graduate student.

You have a lot going for you.

Depending on your expected graduation date, they might ask you to apply for a full-time job instead of an internship.

I was recruited for a fulltime position myself because my graduation date was less than a year away. Internships are generally for people who are going to be in school much longer than that.

Internship, fulltime job, what do you care right? The internship will lead to the full-time job, and the full-time job is a full-time job.

So either way, you’re good.

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