A Day in the Life of a PwC Advance Intern.

I interned at PwC’s San Francisco Office, which also happens to be my hometown. The office overlooks the bay providing some breathtaking views – the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges.

The Bay Area Office gave me the opportunity to work with clients in the Tech and FinTech markets, which is unique to this part of the world.

How I got the Position.

This summers Advance Programย was my second consecutive internship with Pwc. I interned for the first time in Summer of 2017, under their Start Internship Program.

Thanks to my performance last summer I was offered another run this summer.

The Start Program is a diversity program that gives underrepresented minority groups the opportunity to explore all PwC has to offer. This was one of the most amazing experiences of not only my career but my life. I was able to see the different career paths I could take while also meeting some amazing people in the process.

The process for the Start or Advance Programs is the same – recruiters and professionals visit college campuses, hold information sessions to discuss the various programs, and also networking events. They invite interest and applications and then choose candidates from that pool.

A typical day.

I try to arrive at the office by 8 a.m. This early, I’m typically one of the first people through the door.

I sit withย my entire engagement team, in a corner of the office with a beautiful view of the bay. It’s such an amazing view, and sometimes distracting.

Once the daydreaming ends, work begins.

I’m able to observe associates and managers work on a daily basis.ย Occasionally a partner will walk by to check in on the team or just say hello.

In the same vicinity are other interns which is great because we can bounce ideas off each other.

Engagement managers assign work as necessary.

On a typical day, I can do administrative work, like updating databases to help the team prepare for their next cycle. Or testing where I recalculate figures taken from trial balances – checking for accuracy.

Other times, I’m waste-deep in client work.ย Interns are not just assigned tedious tasks. We provide value for the client and the firm – our output is often part of the client deliverable.

One thing that continues to stand out to me at PwC is how open everyone is to help when I have questions about assigned tasks.


We had at least four social activities to enable the intern class network with each other and the rest of our respective practices. These are great networking opportunities and

San Francisco has great venues, so it was always a good time.

PwC is big on Corporate responsibility, so they arranged a volunteer outing for the interns as well.ย  I had the chance to volunteer with middle schoolers. Others got to work at one of the many food banks in San Francisco. As a native, I have seen firsthand the problem of homelessness within the city. Thus, I found it gratifying to be associated with a firm that gives back.

Tips For Future Interns.

Ask questions – If you are unsure about something ask.

Learn – the firm doesn’t expect you to know much coming in, but they expect an attitude that is open to learning.

Be yourself, voice your opinions & and have fun – you deserve to be there so enjoy every moment.

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