Why you should study for the CPA Exam now.

Gone are the days when “Summer” meant “Break” or “Beach” or “Vacation”.

Last I checked, people still have to show up to their jobs during the hot & sunny months. Their kids and spouses don’t disappear once June comes around. Students work/intern, while exploring numerous curiosities and interests.

However, what this time of the year gives you are:

Longer days.

With daylight savings, the days seem longer, thus you’re able to study after a long day of work.

It’s no secret that darkness encourages sleep. Now that excuse is out of the question, put your TV remote away and knock out some chapters.

Warmer days.

During the winter months, the urge to get under the covers and eventually nod off is very hard to resist. What’s your excuse now?

Less intensity

Life is generally less intense during the summer month, take advantage of it as much as possible.

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