The CPA Exam just got easier.

If these rates are an indication of what’s to come, future candidates should be smiling right now.

A higher percentage of candidates passed in the just concluded Q2 window than in the past ten years.

The pass rate for BEC in Q2 exceeded 60% for the first in twelve years.

AUD also reached it’s highest rate of 55% this past quarter. The last time it went up that high was 53% in the same quarter in 2008.

REG was not left out of the party either. It also achieved it’s highest pass rate in the last dozen years at 56%.

There was also a sharp increase for FAR from Q1 to Q2. It might be good news for candidates in the interim, but 49% falls well within the past ranges.

However, candidates can’t afford to get complacent based on the findings above.

To succeed in their pursuit of the CPA designation, they have to be steadfast and practice ’til they can’t practice anymore.

Else, they can end up like the average 50% of the candidates who fail, despite the improved pass rates.

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