4 things anyone thinking about taking the CPA Exam in the future must know.

All the administrative information you need is on the internet.

ThisWaytoCPA.com has all the information you need about the exam format, applying and sitting for the exam. If you’re starting to think about the exam and would like more information, take some time to explore that website.

Plus, they have scholarship information too — bonus.

Every accounting student should be aware of this website.

Don’t worry about the changes.

The AICPA is constantly updating the exam for necessary changes, based on the ever-evolving needs of the accounting profession. One of the next changes starting next Q1 2019 would be incorporating the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into the exam.

I see very little reason why you should be worried about this change. Most review courses update their materials in a timely manner to make sure you’re ready to tackle the impending changes.

These are things you can’t control, so don’t worry about it. If you study effectively, you’ll do well regardless.

Studying for the exam.

You have to study for the exam, period.

Technically, you can study just using the AICPA Blueprint, which shows you all the tested topics, and the rate at which they usually appear on the exam.

But everyone I know uses a Review Course. Which one should you use?

I’ll review some CPA Exam Courses in my next post. Follow our LinkedIn Page to not miss it.

Do it on your own terms.

Ask for input, peoples’ timelines and experiences, but ultimately, you’ll have to take all that external knowledge and apply it to your own unique circumstances.

So don’t worry that the person you just spoke to started and finished the exam in four months. Heck, they might not have had work, or school or some other limiting circumstances, but you do.

It took me 17 months to finish the whole exam. Best believe, the people who did it in four are not smarter or better than me.

Just do your thing, and you’ll most likely be alright.

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