Starting off the right way on the CPA Exam can make all the difference.

We’ve all heard the saying, β€œIt’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters.” That is certainly true.

However, what if we could all choose our starts in life? Wouldn’t we all want a fantastic start? A stable and loving family? Successful parents? A trust fund? A network of exceptional individuals who would help guide your path? Basically whatever you consider a good start!

The short clip below of Usain Bolts starting technique will summarize the importance of a great start on the CPA Exam.

Please watch.


Line of attackΒ 

As you explode off the mark, you need to do so in the best way possible. This includes not scheduling too many sections at once and identifying when to take which sections.

If you fail to do these things, you’re not optimizing your start.

Top SpeedΒ 

Did you notice that because of Tyson Gay’s inefficient start, he stutters and struggles the rest of the race?

Bolt, on the other hand, is in rhythm. You can see the how natural his movement is compared to Gay.

That’s what happens when your start is wrong, you’re not at optimal speed. You end up playing catch up.

On the CPA Exam, this translates into expired exam credits,Β and failing by small margins because you’re just all over the place.


Once you make that great start, you can then work your way into a groove, calmly finish the exam, and be on your way that much-coveted title of CPA.

…if you’re like me, you’ll get a $5,000 bonus to finance your dream trip to Australia.