These Big 4 employees can’t help you get job.


Don’t bother randomly reaching out to an Associate on LinkedIn, they have little to no influence when it comes to recruiting.

They can’t send your resume to the recruiter, it doesn’t work like that.

The only time an Associate has any clout when it comes to decisions is when they are actively part of a recruiting event.

So, if one comes to your school with a team of other employees or at the career fair, then he/she has some influence, on that particular day.

If you speak to one and hand them your resume, they have the power to put you in the “Lets talk to him more” or in the “No thank you” pile.

They can be doorkeepers like that.

But outside of an active recruiting scenario, they can’t do much for you.

***This advice applies only to campus hires.***

An employee in a different group from which you’re targeting.

Don’t reach out to an Audit person about a job in Information Technology.

No, they don’t know the folks in I.T.

It’s a big company.

…and people work in small groups within a division, on different floors too.

It very easy for paths not to cross within the firm. So when they tell you they don’t anything, they really don’t.

If you have to cold email someone, at least be talking about something within their jurisdiction.