Studying for FAR? Note-Taking is imperative.

I studied for BEC, AUD & REG without ever picking up a pen to write anything down. But when I got to FAR, my super amazing memory put up a disclaimer, “Rely on me at your own peril.”

It was clear that without note-taking, I would struggle to digest enough information to pass the section.

There’s just so much information that requires comprehension in FAR. It’s hard to simply understand your way through it. You probably need to do a bit more.

So if you’re like me, get out a notebook and start writing.

I don’t mean typing on a keyboard. I mean writing…with pen/pencil, on paper.

Writing has a way of etching things in your memory.

I recall during my FAR test when I was faced with a question about Start-Up Costs. I couldn’t easily articulate the answer from the choices given. So, I replayed the memory of me taking notes on the topic and instantly remembered that Start-Up costs are expensed under GAAP.

If I hadn’t written that down, there would have been no memory to access/retrace.

Most candidates take notes while studying for all the sections. But if you’re like me and don’t, then this post was written with you in mind.