The very basic strategy that helped me pass the CPA Exam.

Ok y’all, for a moment let us forget about all the studying bells and whistles I write aboutΒ here,Β here and here. We’re covering the basics in this post.

Someone reached out today and asked, “How did you study for the exam?”

It’s the most frequent question I get. So I thought to write about it.

At a basic level, here’s what I did:

  1. Watched the lectures.
  2. Practiced the MCQ’s & TBS as recommended.
  3. Final review and memorization days to the exam.

If you follow your CPA Review Course study recommendation, you’re probably going to be alright.

Study effectively and efficiently.

The AICPA is pretty transparent in their expectations. X amount of topics are tested. The more proficient you’re on those topics, the higher your chances of passing.

Therefore, you need to study well and smart. If its two hours per day you’re devoting, make sure its really two hours.

Keep the distractions away as much as possible.

Unlike college that you might have been forced to attend, you signed up for this yourself. Nobody said you had to become a CPA. So don’t cheat yourself by studying inefficiently. It’s your test. You paid for it. Get it done and reap the benefits.


I’m not a morning person, so I typically studied after work for as many hours as I could bear to on any day. I didn’t have a set schedule.

It might behoove you to create a schedule if you’re the organized type or have a lot going on.

Weekends were most important for me. I would study as long as I could, some weekends more than others.

Ultimately, I did what needed to be done, regardless of how I felt.

You might wanna disconnect from your feelings during the duration of the exam ‘cuz you’ll feel like doing anything but study.

We can’t have you giving into your feelings.

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