Why I failed AUD twice.

My first CPA Exam was the one most consider to be the easiest, BEC.

I was psyched when I started with BEC. I went in, and did it all; watched the lectures, did the practice and even flashcards.

I passed BEC.

I was happy. I felt like โ€œI gat this!โ€

However, I got complacent. I started on AUD with way less focus. I cut corners. This was also during the 2016 NBA finals. The Golden State Warriors are my favorite team. Soย I would watch the games while I studied.

Needless to say, I failed my first attempt at AUD and so did the Warriors in that NBA Final.

Then I figured, โ€œIโ€™ve taken it before, I just need to tweak a few things.โ€ My second attempt was more of the same. I might have upped my effort a bit, but definitely not enough for someone who was unsuccessful the first time.

I failed again.

The third time around, I basically reverted back to the same amount of hustle I applied during BEC.

I finally passed.

So, donโ€™t let success on one section go to your head to the extent that you relax your studying. Tackle each section as hard as possible, so youโ€™re retaking as few exams as possible.

I continued with the same intensity and passed the remaining two on my first attempt.

Now I can focus on achieving other things.