Eliminate these two mistakes on Testday and increase your chances of passing your next CPA Exam.


During practice, you might notice yourself reading a question, wrongly understanding what it is asking, and subsequently choosing the wrong answer. That’sΒ fine. But make sure you don’t take that habit with you to the Prometric Center.

Solving for “Deferred Gain” and “Gain” are not the same thing. If you’re scanning the questions, and not fully reading it, your eyes might only spot “Gain.”


The stakes are high for us candidates. It also doesn’t help the way they scan you at the Prometric Center like you’re headed into a minimum security prison. Lol I would imagine that exacerbates most candidates anxiety.

Panic leads you to fear – thinking that you’re most likely going to fail.

I too panicked when I saw the first few MCQs on FAR. I had to skip and find easier questions to attempt. That gave me a bit of much-needed confidence to go back and tackle what was passed-over.

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