How to balance CPA Exam studying with everything else in your life.

I get questions like,”How does one study for the exam while working and or in school?”

I mean, how does one do anything really? You just need to have the will and desire.

We all have different variables in play; work, school, family, etc

The fewer things you have on your plate, the better for you of course.

But people with demanding full-time jobs and a kid(s) have conquered the exam. If they can, then so can you.

Where there’s will, there’s always a way!

You just have to prioritize. If you have a lot going on, then perhaps something has to take a back seat for a while.

I studied and took BEC while working. Then I did AUD and REG while in Graduate School. I finished with FAR just after I graduated in July…studying in August and taking the exam in September.

If you work, you might have to inform your supervisors and demand a flexible and or lighter schedule. Companies want their employees to succeed, so they’ll help any way they can.

At home, you might need to get your spouse and or kids on board and explain to them that you need “X” amount of time off to study.

If the people in your life, both at work or at home, are not supportive, then your problem is way beyond “How to balance…?”.

As for most of the younger candidates who don’t have work and or family demanding your attention, you have even less of an excuse.

You get 18 months to do the exam. You should be able to schedule your tests and studying around everything you have going on.