#1 key to passing the CPA Examination

You can read a whole book about “How to pass the CPA Exam.” But having successfully gone through the process and passed all four, I find there’s one important strategy people don’t talk about.

That strategy is speed. 

I noted here that it took me 17 months to pass the CPA Exam. What I failed to mention was that 8 out of the 17 months, I wasn’t studying or attempting the exam. I was just focused on Graduate School. So technically, it took me 9 months.

I studied BEC, AUD & REG for 4 weeks on each attempt. Then it took me 6 weeks to prepare for FAR.

My #1 key to passing the CPA exam was to study fast and as hard as I could. Then do a memory dump on Test Day. I’m not a fan of the whole “three months for a section” strategy, even though I know someone who says it took him 4 months to study for and pass FAR.

The content you cover in any section is a lot. Once you get to the end of your studying, you may start to forget certain nuances of the first few chapters. Those nuances can be the difference between passing and failing.

Move your exam forward…and pay the $35 rescheduling fee if necessary.

When I was studying for REG, four days to my scheduled exam date, I found that I was as ready as I was willing to be and couldn’t study anymore. So I moved my exam forward to the next day and paid a $35 fee. It was completely worth it to me because all my studying and memorization was done, and I needed to regurgitate everything ASAP before I began to forget. I went the next day and dumped it all for them, and thankfully it was enough.

Hopefully, you have a better memory than me and don’t need to do this.

In the end, you should do whatever you think is best. But know that moving your date forward because you feel ready is an option available to you.

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