How I still passed FAR despite not attempting one TBS question.

I briefly touched on Time Management here but, I realize there was critical information I didn’t mention.

During my studying, I came across a topic on FAR that I found challenging and decided I would focus on knowing other things. I figured there was a high chance it wouldn’t even appear on the exam.

I had successfully taken this calculated risk with BEC, AUD & REG. But on FAR, it backfired…sort off.

During the exam, I finished the MCQ’s and got ready for TBS. I did my usual bit of popping my knuckles at the end of a Testlest. What can I say? I find the sound very soothing. 🙂

The first TBS Testlet appeared. I clicked to proceed.

…and voila, there that topic was, the first question in the first Testlet. What are the odds?!

I was stunned. “Way to go Darryl!” I thought sarcastically.

I couldn’t attempt the question. I had failed to study or understand the formulae. Furthermore, it wasn’t one of those TBS questions that the answer could be “0” either.

I left it blank, and quickly moved on to the next.

One of two things happened; that question was either a pretest question and didn’t matter or I did very well on the others to make up for my not attempting that one.

That’s why I emphasize the importance of really knowing what you know here.

Take away: Answer a question as best you can and move on. If you don’t know the answer and you think it could be “0”, then input “0” and carry on. If it’s not a “0” question like mine wasn’t, move on as well.

Don’t sit there staring at the screen feeling sorry for yourself. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time for self-pity after the exam.

Instead, spend that extra time on the subsequent questions, increasing your chances of getting it right and ultimately still passing like I did.

Unless you’re shooting for the Elijah Watt Sells Award, you only need a 75 baby!

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