Why the fidget-spinner might be a helpful tool in studying for the CPA Exam.

One of the hardest things to fight when sitting for the exam is the urge to get up and do anything but study.

What if, instead of getting out of your study chair to go watch something or play with your pet, you get you a  fidget-spinner and start spinning?

Before you roll your eyes at my suggestion, try it!

I don’t know how I would have gotten through some of the lectures in FAR if I didn’t have my fidget-spinner.

Historically, when I was studying the other sections, I would just get up and go do something, wasting precious hours. I couldn’t get away with that on the FAR exam, so I had to find something else to divert some of my attention to while still sitting in my chair and watching the lectures.

I know you’re supposed to put everything else away and focus solely on your studying. But that never worked for me. I used to grab my phone every 10 mins. Heck, my phone was probably in my hands all the time because I preferred using my iPhone calculator to the standard Casio-type calculators. During FAR, I put my phone on Airplane Mode so I could only use the calculator.

Anyway, with the fidget-spinner, you’re not doing the other distracting alternatives, i.e., texting your friend for a second which will then turn into a full-blown chat for 20 mins. Texting will then lead you to Instagram. Then to Facebook, and down the rabbit hole of Facebook videos for another 30 minutes.

With my beloved fidget-spinner, you’re learning, sitting and spinning, LIKE A BOSS.

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