3 tricks to help you get through the arduos CPA Exam studying.

The CPA Exam is a painstaking endeavor. Thus it can be necessary to come up savvy ways to help you stay the course.

Here are a few:

1. Switch Positions:

You could watch lectures on your desk, but once you notice your mind start to wander, grab your tablet or phone and do the MCQs on there while walking around your room, house or even the neighborhood.

2. Reward yourself:

If you want to take a break to perhaps eat a snack, watch something or text a friend, and you’re 50% through a module, don’t stop.

Make the break the reward for actually staying put and finishing the module.

Try not to stop halfway, but always endeavor to finish whatever module you start and make sure your breaks come at the end of a chapter or module.

Seeing “100% Completed” on that module can be very encouraging, and makes you want to continue. You wonder why people don’t want to stop playing a game when they are winning?!

3. Take a shower.

Few things clear a persons head like a shower. If you’re like me, you rehearse things in the shower, so you’ll be able to stew on what you just learned while simultaneously distressing in there.

Stewing on information helps you actually rationalize the concept in your mind. I believe it adds an extra layer of understanding.

Once you get out of the shower, you’ll feel refreshed and energized to keep going for much longer.

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