Not scoring high on your CPA Exam practice tests? It’s okay.

I’ve had people contact me, concerned that they weren’t scoring high enough on their practice tests.

They were scoring in the 60 – 70% or less.

I told them that while it’s good to score high on the practice tests at the first go around, it’s not exactly damning if you don’t.

It’s called a “practice test” for a reason.

You’re allowed to get it wrong on the review software, as long as you get it right at the Prometric Center on Test Day.

When you get questions wrong, read the reason for the answer and make sure you understand it; why the correct answer is correct, why you got yours wrong, and why you thought it was right.

Correct your thinking. Do it again, and it’ll most likely stick this time.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t always score high the first time around.

Reviewing my mistakes and redoing practices questions was not only fun but very beneficial.

Making a mistake and learning from it reinforces the knowledge in a way that studying alone can’t.

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