Don’t bite off more than you can chew on the CPA Exam.

It’s easy to get overly ambitious when starting on the CPA Exam journey.

You can see and taste the triumph even before opening the book for the first section. If you work at a firm that pays that $5000 bonus, then you’re probably already making plans for that money.

My point is, there’s so much to be gained from passing all the sections, especially fast.

However, it’s important you don’t get ahead of yourself.

Don’t apply for more sections than you can realistically take.

I was guilty of this mistake.

I was starting my Masters in Taxation program in the Fall, and somehow thought I could work 30+ hours a week, take 5 graduate level classes, and sit for FAR and REG.

It just wasn’t feasible for me. I ended up losing the two sections that cost me $367 because I couldn’t find the time to study for them after all.


I actually lost the whole $635.50 because I failed that AUD attempt and then REG and FAR expired ‘cuz I didn’t have time to sit for it.


Schedule ahead of time, and reschedule when necessary.

For certain areas, Prometric Center availability can be scarce because of demand in metro areas. So, schedule early to get your preferred dates.

Additionally, if you realize that you won’t be ready, push your exam forward. It’s better to reschedule and increase your chances of passing than to stick to your schedule when you know you’re not ready.

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