CPA Exam Score Release Day may yet hold good news for you.

The results of the latest testing window get released Sep. 19th, and if you’re like most candidates, you’re replaying every Testlet in your mind.

It is impossible to not worry because the stakes are very high for us candidates. The cost of the exam + effort put into studying  + opportunity cost of not doing other things = a costly endeavor.

But, I think there’s cause to be optimistic.

You see, there’s a significant amount of luck involved in the exam, and it just might fall in your favor this time around.

If you took one or more sections this past window, and you left the Prometric Center convinced you definitely failed, please consider these alternative scenarios:

  1. You actually crushed it and are just too hard on yourself.
  2. You did alright, and will get past that “75” finish line, but barely.
  3. You did “less than alright”, but luck was on your side.

It turns out that majority of the MCQ’s you got wrong were Pretest Questions.

Pretest Questions are ungraded questions the AICPA includes in the MCQs and TBS on exam day. Because they are not graded, getting them right or wrong does not impact your score. They are there for evaluation purposes only.

The MCQ’s contain 12 Pretest Questions, and 1 in Task-Based Simulation (TBS).

That means the following:

BEC – 19.4% (12/62) of the MCQs will not be graded.

FAR – 18.2% (12/66) of the MCQs will not be graded.

AUD – 16.5% (12/72) of the MCQs will not be graded.

REG – 15.8% (12/76) of the MCQs will not be graded.

So what if the majority of your wrong answers were indeed Pretest Questions?

In addition to the above, a few of your guesses could have been correct too and all of a sudden, you’re not looking so bad.

The results could very well be good news, so please relax in the meantime.

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