Failed a section of the CPA Exam? Don’t fret!!

I failed Audit (AUD) twice.ย 

It was the only section of the exam that I didn’t pass on my first attempt.

I was very disappointed. I mean, who wouldn’t be right?

However, the details of my disillusionment are a bit foggy. I am only reminded because my sister recently showed me some of the messages I sent her.

In those messages, I detailed my anguish at failing. I explained how my time and money was wasted, and my plans ruined.


By plans, I meant my plans for the usual Fall recruiting season with the accounting firms.

I figured if I can pass at least two of the sections, my stock would go way up. I could finally sit back in those interview chairs, knowing I had some cool notches on my belt.

I needed an edge. I needed to stand out.


Needless to say, failing TWICE threw a wrench in the works and fall recruiting didn’t go according to plan. Not only had I passed only BEC during my recruiting interviews, but two of my Notice to Schedule (NTS) also expired because I didn’t have time to sit for the exam. I had started my Masters of Taxation program that August and was working too. My arrogance certainly backfired. Read about itย here.

My first attempt at AUD was on May 31st, and I quickly found out I failed June 8th.

I dusted myself off and got back to studying. I retook on July 30th, and when the result was out August 23rd, I failed, again.


I finally retook it Feb 09, 2017 and when the results were out Feb 23, 2017, I passed. FINALLY!!

So, if you fail, don’t fret. Just sit for it again, and again (like me) if necessary.

You see, victory erases that bitter memory of defeat, and by the time you’ve passed all the sections, you’ll barely remember that you’d even failed.

I had to go back to my email to confirm how many times I failed AUD. I really forgot the number of times. That’s how insignificant that event is to my life right now.

…andย here’s how to make sure you don’t fail again. ย 

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